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Artist Statement

The appearance of my artwork is a landscape built from different layers. These layers have an independent representation, but the final image will always emphasize their relation. In the first layer of analysis I explore the basic formalism of the image – charmed by the beauty of the shapes and the way they are created. In the second layer I dismantle the representation process and examine how images are created, with relation to the medium I work on. The landscape itself acts both as the medium and as raw material, with whom I work and re-design, while guiding myself by reflexive thoughts.

During the creation process I come out of the image’s natural environment and try to follow phenomena that fascinate me, but at the same time I represent them in a new sterile and aesthetic environment, which cannot be recreated. I involve different fields such as art and science and examine the objects and their materials they are made of. This allows me to create new images and completely detach them from their natural environment.

In my creations I use industrial materials, mainly from the construction industry.  The roughness of these materials and their unique compound makes them an integral part of the process. My creation technique relies mainly on body movement, occasionally aggressive, that end when the image stops, on its own, or alternatively when I decide to capture a specific image by interrupting the flow of the paint on the surface.

The entanglement narrative, the limited control on a newly created image, temporary elements such as weather, wind and ground movement, structural formations in nature and organisms – All together guide me when I extract a shape out of a phenomenon.

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